Ivory Clasp - About

It's all about the bags

We are passionate about style and quality.  

Affordable Luxury 

           At Ivory Clasp we style with you in mind. We are dedicated to delivering quality on-trend stylish handbags to our customers. Fashion is a luxury to most and we are here to give our customers that experience of luxury for less. No, we do not offer high-end designer brands, but you also will never receive any knock-offs or "fake" handbags. We also ensure all our bags are IN SEASON and on-trend, so you won't find us offering last seasons styles that are found at discount department stores. Curious as to how we do this? Read on.  

  Top Partnerships

To achieve this, we at Ivory Clasp have worked very hard in forming partnerships with various well known fashion brands to offer their handbags at our exclusive price. By partnering with us, it allows these brands a way to test out new styles with you our users. It is also a way for them to move extra inventory they have that their retail and department stores partners stop them from offering or selling as it is not yet available for them to sell yet to be competitive. Overwhelmingly, the number one reason brands look to partnering with us is that we are NOT a discount store. Being sold on Ivory Clasp doesn't cheapen a brand like being found at a discount store because we never advertise the specific brands we have.

 Our Secret: Mystery

 In return for the steep discounts we get, we promise never to advertise these brands online unless they have given us permission to. This is how we are able to offer the same current in-season styles and not affect the sales for their retail stores that are selling it at the higher actual retail price. So for anyone wondering why we never let you pick your bag or give exact brands we carry, is why!   

Guaranteed Satisfaction 

In addition we are excited to offer handbags from several up and coming fashion brands and help to foster the growth and awareness of the new and very talented designers of the fashion industry. 

At Ivory Clasp, our members come first.